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An Online Practice That Goes Where You Go.

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Hello, I'm Ella!  

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Clients come to me to me with a desire to reclaim parts of themselves that are buried under trauma, anxiety, and self-judgement. They feel as though the fundamental spark at the core of their being is lost, tarnished, and far out of reach. They rightfully long for the fullness of their being. 


As a trauma-informed Registered Therapeutic Counsellor I assist my clients in rediscovering and reclaiming the fullness of who they are. To do so, we compassionately unpack, re-examine, and release shame, self-judgement, and the weight of traumatic experiences so you can reclaim the spark that makes you, you. 

I work closely with my clients' core and limiting beliefs to facilitate this growth and change. My hope is that through our work together, you'll develop a better understanding of your life experiences, emotions, personal goals, and values—leading to personal growth, enhanced relationships, and an improved ability to cope with stress and change. 

I Support Clients With... 

Emotional Regulation

Distress Tolerence
Coping Mechanisms
Emotional Literacy
Befriending Emotions

Self-Esteem &

Core Same
Imposter Syndrome
People Pleasing
Inner Child Work

Relationship Dynamics

Attachment Work
Family Issues
Marital Issues
Social Anxiety

My work is trauma-informed and client-centered. I am informed in Cognitive Behavioural, Narrative, and Dialectical Behavioural therapy and center my approach around Inner Child Work . 




'Allora' is an Italian word integral to story-telling. It is most frequently used to denote the relationship between past, present , and future events; think "at that time" "so, then..." "because of that..." "ever since". 

Making meaningful connections between a client's past traumas and their present experiences is the foundation of my approach to counselling. Clients come to me with meaningful and vibrant life stories, looking to better understand themselves, their pasts, and their path forward. They feel lost, shut down, and in search of their inner spark and pieces of themselves that were previously thought to be lost.


Through our time together, I help clients better understand the ways in which their choices, behaviours, thoughts, expectations, and sense of self-worth are tied to years of formative experiences and assist clients in rediscovering the fundamental pieces that make them who they are.  

Through the ethos of Allora, we can bridge what you've experienced with what you want for your future, and by doing so, rediscover and reclaim your unique inner spark. 

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Benefits of Online Therapy


Counselling that fits within your busy schedule with no need for a commute to and from. You gain the ability to have counselling add to your life without taking extra time outside of the therapeutic process. 


There is no need to risk your physical health in order to work on your mental health. Many individuals experience anxiety and distress when connecting with individuals outside their bubble— telahealth counselling is an alternative to this experience during these unprecedented times.


Gas, taxis, Ubers, Compass passes, and the coffee and snacks we buy to and from are no more. You can enjoy counselling from wherever you are, including the comfort of your own home. 


There are environmental impacts to in-person services including emissions for each individual to get to and from and the printing of hard-copy worksheets and invoices. Telehealth counselling removes these hidden harms to the environment by ensuring that all communication and correspondence are digital.

"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."
Viktor E. Frankl

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Currently taking new clients 

Your Inner Spark is Waiting for You

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